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About Us

Bizzie Bees is owned by Janet and Lisa we are mother and daughter and we hope to bring something new, innovative and different to you for many years to come.


Bizzie Bees is a new business selling specialised handmade gifts. Our main products are 'nappy cakes' which are an innovative new idea to give as a gift to new parents and their baby. Each cake is unique and individual and is hand made from layers of disposable nappies formed into the shape of a wedding cake and then decorated with baby gifts such as blankets, clothing, toiletries, socks, hats, comfort blankets and soft toys. The cakes range from a single tier up to five tiers.


We also sell other gifts presented and designed in the form of a cake such as a wedding cake made from a bale of towels and decorated with bride and groom gifts, pamper cakes also made from towels and decorated with toiletries and even cupcakes made from a pair of socks!



Beautiful shop, very helpful service.

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Please note our phone number has changed to 07720 246072